A Supposedly “NEW” Year

Academic Probation

Unfortunately for myself I currently can not over come the impending doom awaiting for me tomorrow. I’ve gotten so low that I have officially needed an escape – this is it. Perhaps choosing to document the reasons and progression of this failure is going to seem constructive but I am being selfish in hoping their is just one other student like me who is in my boat.

This past year and a half I have undergone many life changes. I moved all the way to the other side of the country. This decision was one of the best decisions I could have made. Although much of my depression and anxiety that formed on the other dark side of the country just sorta followed me here. Like one trailing looming cloud.

I could blame all of my misfortune on everything¬† and everyone else and the truth is; I really want to, especially now. I do not even fully believe myself when I say, “You were in full control to how you responded and therefore it is your fault and your fault alone”. It was my fault and my fault alone.No amount of stress should overcome the importance of your school work. No amount of depression gives an excuse to sleep instead of attend class. No amount of … but I had so much happening.

I want to share what happened to me and how I still deal with my new found depression and anxiety how I plan to over come this situation I am in and how I progress throughout this journey. I want to be held accountable by something more than my own self because that is no longer doing the trick. This. Is. The. Trick. … I hope.

HOTAIR BALLOONphotos taken by me